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The AK2800 Crack Jet  cleans, dries, etches,  blows out and removes  vegetation and debris  from cracks and prepares  them for crackfilling. Rip through cracks and  crevices at 5 feet every  15 seconds with the  Billy Goat Grazor. This 13 HP debris  blower takes your  pavement clearing  to a whole new level.

These sand spreaders comfortably distribute the weight of the sand (up to 50 lb capacity)

A robust crackfilling  equipment package  that includes the MA-30  crack fill oven and the  MA-10 2-in-1  crackfill applicator. Burner assembly with  hose and regulator with complete torch kit for the  MA-10 (pre-2013 version). MA-10 Melter Applicator  & Skid (36 50lbs Boxes)  of Rubberized Crackfiller  Combo gives you 12,000  feet of coverage. Saves  you over $100 when buying  these items together. MA-55 gallon melting  kettle designed to keep  product melted evenly  while you work.

Ideal for melting and applying CrackMaster™ Supreme DIrect-Fire Crack Sealant.

MA-10 gallon tank size

• Includes burner, hose, and regulator (Designed for use with Vapor LP gas cylinder).

3/4" Full Port Sweat

Ball Valve

1/4" Full Port Threaded Ball Valve (Lead Free)

3/4" Full Port Sweat Ball Valve (Lead Free)

Asphalt Maintenance Supplies & Equipment

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